Incredible, but true - our first database, designed in 1995 is still running today! It has changed from a desktop system to a networked system, and is now a web based system. It grew with the needs of the times and the technology available.

Scalability is a keyword in our database designs, and user control is essential.

A Well Designed Database is truly a business asset, and conversely, a badly designed database is a drudge to use, and counterproductive. All our databases  are designed in close consultation with our clients, and we design, together with the client, a map of the database, including, but not limited to: Available Input, Required Output, Specialist Formulas, and an Administration Interface. We do not, like many of our competitors, use pre-designed templates, but structure every page and report to your needs.

Over the years we have worked with many industries, and have developed the ability to grasp new concepts quickly and precisely. We have worked in manufacturing, the chemical industry, the retail business, the leisure yacht business, the trucking and vehicle manufacturing industry, and are on the leading edge of interactive databases for the insurance industry. Furthermore, we are happy to provide you with references that you may explore yourself.

Because much of our work is utilized internationally, we have learned that travel is a necessary evil in our business. Furthermore, we consequently have the ability to create user pages in a variety of languages, and, in many cases, provide user training in those languages.

Platforms: We work in many platforms, from Microsoft Access to MySql. There are, however, some platforms we prefer not to use, and we will tell you immediately if this is the case. It's simply not possible for our Systems Analysts and Programmers to have in depth knowledge of every available platform. The platform you select is naturally dependant upon many factors and we will be pleased to advise you in your selection, bearing in mind whether the database is to be used locally, across a network, or over the internet.

On-Line Databases: The demand for on line databases is increasing rapidly, as companies and organizations learn that they can communicate data in real time to their clients. Applications that required the faxing of copious documents between various parties are immediately accessible, and printable, purely by connecting to a database via the internet. A great amount of the work we do is for companies that have grown, opened branch offices, and need a secure, fast way of communicating information.

E-Commerce: This is just another type of database, but there are extra functionalities required - the ability to accept and verify credit cards, and the need for completely secure transactions. Don't worry - we have the technology.

Administration: Many of the databases we review lack one simple characteristic - that's the ability to administer the database. How many times have you had to call the company expert to get one single setting changed? Unless impractical for security reasons, our databases come with a Database Manager built in. We also create a nifty interface we call the "Query Builder". This allows you to create diverse queries on the database without the need to "hack the code".

No matter how simple or complex you believe your requirements to be, contact us, and we will be happy to give you, without charge, advice on how to proceed.

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