Networking computers isn't exactly new, and we have been doing it for a long time.
New products, new protocols and a whole new wireless technology have kept us on our toes.

Local Area networking
We have many years of experience networking mixed systems together. Whether you use PCs, Macintoshes, Unix, print servers, or other specialized devices in your office, we have the knowledge necessary to make your systems work together smoothly... More
Wide Area Networking
We have the skills to complete WAN projects that other companies struggle with. Our experience covers VPN's, extranets, VoIP, and other wide area networking technology. From configuring a whole network to installing a router or switch, we can help... More
Wireless Networking
Wireless LAN's are a valuable networking tool for use within the building or as an extension to the wired network and for linking two or more buildings together to provide users with the ability to share data and resources. But, there's much more to it than that ... More
There is usually a wide range of connectivity options available, but possibly not in your area. We can do the research and provide a solution to get you connected and set up a web site and e-mail system for your company... More

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