Some ISP's believe a few servers and a cool user interface is enough.
We don't, which is why, when you have problems with your website, we want you to call us, to talk to a real live person.

We provide most sites with a content management system that allows the owner to update his own data, without specialist knowledge of programming. Of course, we are always in the background and ready to help in case of difficulty.

Slowly, but surely, Internet Service Providers are becoming fewer. This is because broadband internet has taken away the bread and butter of the local ISP. Now, your choices of ISP are becoming more limited, and many ISP's can't, or won't, provide adequate customer service. It's commonplace to be faced with a user interface that doesn't work, and the only method of contact is a cold e-mail, to which you receive an automated response. doesn't believe in treating customers like that. We provide a service, we take your dollar, and you have the right to be able to discuss your difficulties and get sound advice from us. We know there is nothing more frustrating than a service you cannot get to work, so we provide the people and the equipment to assist you as quickly as possible.


  • Rapid Response Support: Support in a moment, 24/7/365, it's free, it's expert, and it's live support.When you speak to us you will be talking to a USA based real live person.
  • Performance Guarantees: No ISP can offer 100% reliability (even if they claim to do so) but we will be as close to 100% as possible. If you are not satisfied, we invite you to claim your money back.
  • No Hard Sell: We are not sales people, and we don't employ any. We believe in providing a solid service, and helping our customers to expand their business.
  • Expertise: We have experts in almost all internet technologies, and, depending on what platform you use, you will have ready access to an expert in your platform.
  • Cost Considerations: Some platforms are expensive to buy, and expensive to operate. We will, if you desire, assist you in choosing the right platform for your needs.
  • Website Design: We design websites, on-line databases, shopping carts, web forums in almost every platform.

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