Wide Area Networking

From the moment an organization determines that it requires Wide Area Network capabilities, there is a significant amount of planning and decision making to be done. These determinations must be formed on the basis of the best knowledge available. The alternative is being woken in the middle of the night by someone calling from Tokyo, complaining they cannot access the system

Our WAN services include:

  • WAN Design
  • Connecting locations with Data, Voice and Video
  • T1, DSL and ISDN connections
  • Network cabling, CAT5, cat6 and Fiber Optic
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Security with digital signatures and encryption
  • Frame Relay, X.25 and ATM connections
  • Firewall and routing configurations
  • Random Access Server and Proxy Server configurations
  • Corporate and Group e-mail and messaging configurations
  • Network Maintenance and Upgrades
  • ISP Management
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