Local Area Networking (LAN)

A good Local Area Network involves more than simply connecting a few systems through a hub, and hoping for the best. Consideration of the structure of the network is important, particularly if a server is involved. It's almost certain that anyone who has worked in a corporate environment has heard the call over the broadcast system "Would everyone please log off, we need to re-boot the server". The consequential interruption in workflow is expensive and unsettling. We recently visited a corporation where an inspection of their logs revealed a loss of $250,000 in a year caused by down time.

Here are some of the LAN services we provide:

  • LAN Design
  • Network Mapping
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network cabling, CAT5, cat6 and Fiber Optic
  • Sharing of files, applications, modem, fax and printers
  • Connectivity between mixed systems (Windows, Unix, Mac, and Novell)
  • Establishment and integration of print servers
  • On or offsite backups
  • VLAN setup, and configuration of switches and routers
  • Internet and e-mail connections and configured security
  • Network Maintenance and Upgrades

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